Line 6 Volume Pot

Looking for a Master Volume Controller/Pot for a Line 6 Flextone III Amp - original part # 01-48-4103. no longer manufactured.

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We carry a lot of potentiometers, but we do not carry the part number 01-48-4103.
We would need a full description on the part, and pictures would help. Then we can search for a possible alternate that may work for you.

Hi, David. thank you for the very prompt reply. It’s not actually a pot, its a “digital voltage controller”. :roll_eyes:


It works on gradient voltages levels, not on an analog audio signal. If you think you can source something, I’ll take it out of the amp to take a look, but I’m waiting on getting one before i venture in that direction. The controller is electrically noisy/scratchy, and getting to be a constant annoyance. In the old days, you could just spray the pot to clean up the carbon, but you can’t do that with this puppy.


Hi @phrygian ,

I think the Line 6 Duoverb references 01-48-4103 part to be ‘pot, stereo, 10kb, linear taper, 25mm’. If they are referencing the same part number used in that amp, you may want to sort through these options to see if one of them would work. Otherwise, it may be some kind of Encoder. Generally speaking encoders work or don’t work moreso than to be ‘noisy’. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to a Line 6 database to let us know the exact part or specifications that would work.


Hi, Ryan. thnx as well for the very prompt reply. had someone respond from a discontinued Line 6 repair center in the UK earlier this morning, and he said that this is a digital volume controller, and not replaceable with a standard pot, but looking at the Line 6 troubleshooting F/Q page, just now, it mentions that you can replace the pot with a regular audio pot, with a small amount of output degradation, but it also goes on to mention that the amp users prefer this over the digital pot, as it provides a smoother and more controlled volume change, so there’s hope.

right now I’m going to do a factory reset and clean the contacts on the CAT5 FVB Shortboard (what they recommend), and if that doesn’t work, then someone else recommended that re-soldering the connections and re-flowing the boards (I have an air flow gun,and I’ve re-flown a variety boards before, and this works on a lot of shit), so we shall see. (:

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I will update the post as i progress along.

(Please ignore any mistakes made by my spell chicken)