Looking for a semi-fixed/volume resistor

HI. I’m looking for a semi-fixed/volume resistor for an Akai amplifier.

Part number is EV 649642 and description is: semi-fixed/volume SR19R 200 ohms B.


I am not seeing any information showing up in regards to a part number EV 649642. Do you have photos of the part you are looking to replace? Per this link of our resistors Resistors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey we have a wide variety of resistors available with multiple termination styles such as surface mount and through hole that fit a generalized search for 200 ohm resistors.


Hi @Birdog ,

Thanks for your inquiry, I also wasn’t able to locate specifications on this part. However the only 200 ohm options in stock currently are below, with varying power ratings and other specifications. Please review datasheets to see if one will work for you:

I believe a “semi-fixed” resistor refers to a trimmer pot. Googling around, I came across this image, which may be the form-factor they are looking for.

Here are a few pots which have about the same footprint.

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Thanks a lot.
Sorry for being late .
Yes This is the component I’m looking for, a trimmer pot.
Actually I have one being shipped from Digikey.
Thanks again

Thank you so much for the answer.

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HI. Thank you for your answer.
I found what I was looking for.
It’s a trimmer pot, so I’ll check it out on DigiKey.
Thanks again