Looking for USBC port part number

I am looking for a Female USCB port for my son’s KANO computer. The soldered port has broken off. This is where the charger is connected.

I have had no lucky with the manufacturer support, or their forums.

When I go into the computer’s device manager, I found a
“class guid” = 36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000

when I searched googled it looked like it was also a hardware id.

Can anyone help me on how to find the part needed to repair the computer?

Hello @wakamiyaservices

Do you have any more information on the connector itself? For example, is it surface mount or through hole. Horizontal or Vertical? Are there any markings on the connector?

Before you look at replacing the port can you verify if there was any damage to the board when it was broken. If so, you may be looking at replacing the board and not just a connector.

Here is a link to some of the USBC connectors that we have in stock.