system builder generated system as shown in the below fig spi_design.

so I am unable to assign the pin numbers for the following pins:
so help me and share any links for read/write to serial Flash of M2S010-MKR device.

Thanks you in advance.


First I think it would be easier to tie the SPI clock input high or low and combine the SS0 signals into a BIBUF like below. It will make the pin assignments easier so you aren’t dealing with as many bidirectional signals.

Then you should just be able to click on the boxes that are unassigned and type in the numbers from the schematic. For quick reference,


I am new to all these.
AT25DF641 is serial Flash in M2S010-MKR-KIT so I need to write to all the locations and read all the locations, erase all, so could any one provide headers files of AT25DF641 and simple project for R/W of serial flash. I just follow the m2s_tu0548_liberov11p7_df tutorial but its not worked out. please guide me to solve R/W of Flash.