Manufacturer and part number sought

Fellow techies,

I’ve been trying to identify the manufacturer and part number for the connector shown in the photos. What I know about it so far is: 120 total positions, done in four groups (two rows? Four?) of 30 contacts each. Appears to be 0.5mm pitch, surface-mount with solder pins, metal body.

One photo shows the male plug. The other two show different angles of the mating female part. It was used on an instrument manufactured from approximately 2002 thru 2017-2018. More specifically, the Acterna/JDSU/Viavi HST-3000 series.

Any guesses?

Thanks much!

Hello KC7GR, welcome to the Forum community. I’m sorry, I couldn’t identify any of our connectors that would be comparable to the two you have pictured. I did, however, find a link for the manufacturer of the equipment and they state that it has been discontinued, but they will service and support for five years after the Oct 20, 2018 discontinue date. It would be advisable to check with them to get replacement connectors, as it may be proprietary connectors made specially for their equipment.