MeanWell LDC-80 driver - how to set exact output voltage

Product question.
Product: MeanWell LCD-80 driver.
Question: How to set an exact output 44.6 V for a load of LED strips?
Background: on page 3 of the LCD-80 datasheet (specs) there’s a description how to set output current by using an external resistor.
I was planning to connect to it 2 LED strips LT-V562F SI-B8T26256CUS, each requiring 23.3 V 1.12 A, connected serially.
Therefore, together they should need 23.3 V x 2 = 44.6 V. How do I achieve that?

this power supply is a Constant Current, so looking at the datasheet LDC-80.cdr ( the range shows 56-27 volts so 44.6v is ok