Molex and 10 Pin Female w/ Male Insides


Me again…I am trying to track down an older model of Molex Housing for pins. It has a female, so I think, outer housing but male pins on the inside of the housing.

It is 15mm * 18mm * 7mm and by the brand Molex.

Please view the photo. If you are able to signify a type, please let me know:

The item, this Molex housing, goes to a nine pin Renishaw line reader or what is also known as Optical Encoder.

I am trying to get this item working before disposing of it. I want to learn the functions of Optical Encoding before I die!


P.S. Please send any ideas if you would and whenever you guys get around to it, please help me understand this Molex part. I guess it is male but it is an awkward one for me, i.e. since I have not seen it before this exact one.

I was thinking mini fit jr. or another idea like that but I will keep searching.

Okay. It is a Molex Micro Fit and is listed here:

Your site rules! Thank you. I may be able to handle it now.

Hello Again,

Sorry. I am looking for the connector that fits the Micro Fit Dual Row, 10 Circuit adapter housing. Is there such a thing?



I found it! Sorry to harass you guys/gals so quickly. I went to the Molex Cable Creator. It works like a charm!

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Outside of the Molex Cable Creator, does your company sell Micro Fit Dual Row, 10 Circuit plugs already wired w/out the connector ends on the opposing side?


P.S. I got a quote for the connector in question, the Plug w/ the opposing side w/out connectors, but they wanted me to purchase 50 instead of one or two entire units.

I will keep looking. Thank you in advance to anyone who is familiar w/ this type of cable: Plug w/ loose ends on the opposing side.


I am getting better at traversing your website search tools:

I think this is the one. Can someone confirm this idea?

Another Update

I found exactly the part on your website. It is a Micro Fit 3.0 to Individual Wire Leads!