Need MTBF and FIT Data

Hello ,

We have used KSZ8061RNBW ethernet phy in our design and I want to know MTBF value of this part but did not get in datasheet.
can you please provide me MTBF value?

and also if you have any tool for search MTBF value then please provide us also.

Hello jasmin.nakrani,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
If the MTBF or FIT data is available on our site, it would be listed under “Documents & Media” on the page for that part.
Usually, we have to request it from a Product Specialist, who can request it from the manufacture. To start the process, we will need the Salesorder or Invoice number for when you purchased the part from us.
If you would rather request it by email, you can send your request to, with the part number and Salesorder number.