Panasonic RX1930 cassette player headphone jack replacement


I received a Panasonic RX1930 cassette player recently and discovered the headphone jack was loose. I opened the cassette player and found that one of the contacts to the circuit board had broken off so I unsoldered the whole thing off. I’ve been unable to find a service manual to get a part number for the jack which brings me here.

I’m trying to find something that looks like this (refer to the attached photos). There’s no markings I can find on the jack itself except for “EX” and the number 6 below that. In the photos there’s only two contacts sticking up but there’s supposed to be a third on the other side (the one that broke off). I would like some assistance in finding a jack that resembles the old one.


Hello welshj55 - welcome to the Forum community. These are headphone jacks that are in stock. These are all three conductor products. Be sure to measure the mating diameter of your headphone jack as there are three different sizes on the link.