Part Identification

I’m having trouble finding these part numbers. They mate with a Mitsumi CCM-J06 16 Pole Connector; 14 supply 2 power. I need both connector numbers.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. This is a product series we don’t carry , you will want to stay with the same series contacts to be sure they fit properly so we have no alternates to offer.

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Thank you for the response.

Are there perhaps other manufacturers for similar housing units and pins? I can’t imagine that with the rather common nature of the plug in car audio that Mitsumi is the only maker. For example, the following pigtail fits several Pioneer, Sony, and Kenwood aftermarket stereos and is not a Mitsumi part.

I suspect you are correct and a number of different vendors supply this connector to the automotive electronics industry.

However I also believe that nearly all the 10,000 pc and higher quantity volume sales will be to large automotive electronics manufacturers and mostly booked years in advance. I assume that the bulk of those sales are negotiated direct with the manufacturer, so that leaves too few sales for large electronics distributors to generate suitable profit margins.

When I need common automotive connectors that are NOT used in other electronic product types, I go to automotive parts suppliers instead of general purpose electronics parts suppliers.

I do the same for specialty connectors used almost exclusively in other industries.

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I agree with you. The problem here is the supplier merged and stopped doing any B2C sales and tell us to go through their distributor, DigiKey.

Looks like I’ve run out of options and will just have to reuse the connectors.

Since Digi-Key has stated that they do not carry this product, I’d ask the supplier if they mistakenly gave you the wrong distributor name.

They may have meant one of the other major electronics parts distributors.

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Hello @goorancid

It actually looks like Mitsumi is a sub of NMB, who we sell for.

That being said I am not showing the part in our system so it looks like it would be a Special Order Request that would likely require a large MOQ. If you want to pursue a Special Order Quote we have a form here that you can fill out and a quote if available, will be sent to you.