Part identification

I have a dual concentric Pot that I’m trying to identify for replacement.
The two modules that make up the potentiometer (not sure if this is a correct way to describe, but I’m referring to the two halves that are seamed/stacked together to make up the dual pot) each have the following faintly printed on the side:

Attached are pictures. As you can see, the shaft is broken off.

Any help identifying the unit would be much appreciated.

Hello Fencinwhiteknight, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
My guess would be the 104 is the code for 100K ohms (10 + 4 zeros = 100,000).
I’m sorry, but we do not have a match to this potentiometer.

Electrically independent potentiometers that are controlled collectively by a single shaft are called “ganged” and still available to a reasonable degree. See here. Further steps to identifying a possible replacement would be to measure the end-to end resistance and the taper, in addition to mechanical footprint.

If by “concentric” you speak of two potentiometers that are conjoined yet independently adjustable using a shaft and sleeve sort of arrangement, that would be a much rarer and more specialized device.

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