Power bank Transistors/Regulators

I recently gave my two power banks for the repair. Their brand name are Anker and Ravpower. The problem with the Ravpower is that it won’t work anymore and the problem with the Anker is that it won’t do fast charge with it’s IQ ports.
Anker’s model is A1375 and Ravpower’s model is RP-PB058.

  • The Ravpower has a damaged regulator named 820OS12 with 6 connectors. Unfortunately i don’t have any image of that.
  • The Anker has a damaged transistor with the letter JRAGA written on it. fortunately i have an image of this one:

    I would be so much happy to find their brand name or specification or any counterpart of them.
    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the TechForum.

I have looked to see if the part marking could be looked up to see if there is a datasheet for the part, however I was not able to find one for the component to identify it.

Thanks anyway for your time and effort.