Qi Wireless transmitter solution; replacement for NXQ1TXH5

Is there replacement for NXQ1TXH5? This chip is not recommended for new designs. I cannot find any other integrated single chip Qi transmitter solution.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I checked and wasn’t able to find a replacement to offer this part.

Any idea on why there are so few options for Qi Transmitter solutions? Given the prevalence of wireless charging, I expected more options.

Any idea on why did NXP obsolete a newer integrated solution, while continuing to offer older part?

Hello bsirpatil,

I really don’t know. Those are questions you would have to ask the manufacture.

Most likely the usual two reasons, insufficient profit margin and too slow of an ROI.

Qi charging is almost exclusively used in high volume cell phone products. Any components designed for, and used primarily in, that market are parts I would expect to be obsolete within a year or two of general availability due to market forces. Cell phone manufacturers buy such large quantities that they often are using parts and shipping the product a year or more before the part becomes generally available (perk of placing a 500k+ part / million$+ order).