QN9090DK Dev kit includes which QN9090/30 (T) SOC version?

I am looking to purchase the following:

I am unsure which variation of the NXP® QN9090/30 (T) SOC is provided with the Mezzanine board that is included in the dev kit. I’m not sure if the dev kit sells with different variations of the NXP® QN9090/30 (T) or if it comes with the NXP® QN9090T SOC by default.

Mouser also sells the dev kit and according to the data-sheet they provide, it comes with the QN9090T.

If anyone could verify the NXP® QN9090/30 (T) SOC variation provided with QN9090DK sold on DigiKey I would really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

HI I will check with our warehouse and confirm which chip is on the board. We will post it once we hear back.

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The NXP Design files found here:




0-00-404672	U1	QN9090_40	SOT618-1_HVQFN40_050_QN9090	Integrated Circuit QN9090 (QFN40)	NXP (QN9090) (QFN40)


Thank you looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi, I am very sorry, we are unable to verify that it is QN9090/30 on the board.