Replacement LED for low voltage landscape lighting

I am looking for a replacement LED for low voltage (12V) landscape lighting. The LED is manufactured by CREE and the only part # listed is 1304C. I noticed and that are several LED’s that start with CXA 1304 in your catalog. Can you help in selecting a replacement?

Hello Andy,

If your voltage source is 12V then likely the 9V option for CXA1304. Select options by the color Cool white, neutral and warm white, CCT and CRI. Luminous Flux will be a rating for brightness.

Hi Troy,
Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. I do have the lumens, color temperature info from the old LED so I can match accordingly. One other quick question. The package type indicates tray. Is this one LED/tray or multiple?

The unit of sale would be per-piece; the “package” attribute indicates the general format in which parts are contained for handling and shipment.