Do I need to purchase the RPB-1600-48 configuration tool?
Please tell me the model.

Hi smorimoto,

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To answer your question, you only need the configuration tool if you wish to change the charging algorithm of the RPB-1600-48 from that of the default one to some other profile. See page 4 of the datasheet for details of the default algorithm. The default charging profile is configured to properly charge a typical string of 4 lead-acid batteries in series.

If you find that you do need to change the algorithm to suit some other battery type, then you can use the SBP-001 intelligent battery charger programmer to do so.

If you purchase the following products, the setting tool/software and
Is the cable to connect to each charging unit included?


Currently, I would like to make connection settings for DBU-3200-48 and RPB-1600-48.

Hi smorimoto,
The cables are included as listed in the datasheet under “Features” on the first page, the only cable not included is a USB A to Mini USB for communication from the SBP-001 to your computer, here are some options .

How can I obtain the software?

It can be found on this page, under heading “Smart Battery Charging Program Software V1.5”.

I purchased 3 units from your company and even connected them in parallel.

It has been confirmed that each unit outputs by turning ON/OFF the remote signal individually.

So, I want to turn on/off all three units by remote input, but do I have to prepare three separate dry contacts and turn them on/off at the same time?

Also, will there be a problem if the three remote contacts are not turned ON at the same time?

Or is it possible to turn ON/OFF the whole with only one input?

You can use a single switch for all three units. The auxiliary 5V supplies are all isolated from the rest of the systems, so as long as they are tied to the same reference, they will function properly.

So, tie all of the 5V-Aux pins together and all of the Remote ON-OFF pins together and just place your switch between them. When the switch shorts the 5V-Aux contacts to the Remote ON-OFF contacts, all three units will power up simultaneously.

To answer your question about whether there would be a problem if not turned on simultaneously, I do not know for certain, but because they have OR-ing FETs, I suspect that they could handle that. However, I would not recommend doing so.