Stepper motor SS2422-5041P

Detail description lists voltage rating as 24VDC. However, when I link to the datasheet, the information says voltage rating is 5.4 volts.

Which is correct? Are they both correct?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. It is 24 VDC. I found more data and it is located on this link: SANMOTION F2
The website is correct. Though I agree the data sheet attached is confusing.

Some further explanation may be warranted here:

The limiting factor in terms of motor temperature is the current flow through the windings; it’s primarily current flow through the winding resistances that leads to heat buildup within the motor. At steady state (no motion) 5.4V will produce the rated 1A of current flow through each winding.

Because of inductance and back-EMF caused by motor rotation however, getting 1A through the windings takes more than 5.4V when things are moving at speed. Modern stepper drivers typically accept an input voltage substantially higher than what would be permissible to apply to the windings of the driven stepper directly, and chop it down to make current waveforms suitable for achieving the desired rotation. The torque-speed curves in the documentation were derived using a 24V supply with 1A current limit in a full-step drive arrangement. Use of a lower supply voltage would tend to shift that curve downward, particularly at higher speeds.

In a nutshell, there are (at least) two different concepts that can apply when speaking of the “rated voltage” of a stepper motor; the DC voltage which yields maximum allowed current if applied to the windings directly, versus the supply to the driver apparatus used when characterizing a motors torque-speed characteristics.