Toyota connector help

Looking for a replacement for this terminal. Comes from a 10 pin connector toyota highlander hazard switch.
Measures about 1.5 mm wide and 2 mm high at end of square opening. Thank you!

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Do you have a part number of the connector housing this is used in ? We would need to match the series to be sure it fits properly so we would need the housing part number, series or the manufacturer to try narrow this down. Also the AWG size of the wire.

Thanks for replying. This connector plugs into toyota part # 86120-OE250. This is a radio/nav assembly from a 2010 highlander. The connector from the car has no part #. See picture below

Wire guage is 20 AWG

Found a different part # 86121-48310. This is the radio bezel that the plug goes into

Hello @Yotaguy,

Thanks for attaching the photos. But, the picture isn’t clear enough to make out the markings on the connector. Could you provide the markings that are on the housing and if there are any markings on the header attached to the PCB?

Thank you!


Unfortunately there are no markings on either one. Does that mean im out of luck?

What are the markings in the highlighted section on the first photo?




Just noticed that and got a better picture.
Looks like 11923. Confirmed its 11923.

Thanks for providing those markings. The connector might be a Yazaki 040 III 11923 Series. The closest / similar connectors we have can be found on this link: 10 Rectangular Connector Housings | Rectangular Connectors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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I only need the female pins. Not the connector housing. I want to re-pin the connector.

Unfortunately, we would have to identify the connector first to find what contacts fit in the housing. The housing you have looks like that Yazaki 040 III. Since we dont carry the supplier, we also wouldn’t carry their crimp contact part numbers.



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Thank you this was very helpful to identify what im looking for at least!