Unidentified Female Pins

Hello All.

I am having a hard time identifying this pin, It was used on the 1974 - 1988 dashboards with round about 3mm-4mm diameter male pins sticking out of the Cluster. This pins was housed inside a bakelite/hard plastic round housing. If someone can help we with this Identification I will appreciate it alot.
Dashboard Pins Connector


I’m not sure what gauge wire you are dealing with, but this part looks like a possible match: JAE Electronics - 030-51304-001. Bear in mind there is no datasheet attached to this part, nor are there any dimensions given in the specs, so perhaps this should just be a starting point. Good luck!

Hello slycer2002,
thank you for the reply, I do notice these pins you mentioned, do not tick all my needs, my pins are D shaped, and those are rectangular. Those look more like Molex Mini Fit connectors.

Thanks for your idea.

Just out of curiosity, 74-88 dashboards of what kind of car? That can possibly help narrow down the search.



Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 - FJ45 / HJ40 - 1968 - 1983

Old 4x4

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