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I have a large instrument that needs to be plugged into a UPS, from what I can tell I have the correct voltage however I want to double check

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Ryan Harrison


Information regarding the proposed UPS and equipment to be supported by it would be needed to offer guidance in such matters.

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Hello Rick,

Below I have attached the manual of the instrument I am looking to hook up to the UPS.

Page 14 and 15 go into details of the requirements

Please let me know if the SU6000RT4UHVHW-ND would meet these requriements.

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Ryan Harrison

TQGC site prep guide.pdf (526.7 KB)
for the UPS.

From the linked document:

Uninterruptible power supply

To prevent instabilities in local main power supply impacting system reliability and performance,
Waters recommends the use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In support of this
recommendation, Waters supplies UPS units that are specifically configured and evaluated for use
with its MS systems. Your local Waters field sales representative can provide further details.

My question to you is, how much is this Waters’ instrument worth and how much money are you going to save by NOT doing as they recommend and buying their specifically configured and evaluated UPS for the system?

If the answer is less than 10% of the value of the instrument, I would definitely buy the properly specifically configured and evaluated UPS from Waters instead of guessing and potentially ending up with an expensive repair because nobody but Waters can possibly know the intricate details of their high end measurement system…

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There is wisdom in Paul’s suggestion; use of manufacturer-recommended accessories is good insurance against blame deferral in the event of equipment misbehavior.

That said, it would appear that the UPS in question can be configured to output a voltage within spec for the mentioned equipment; since no ripple/noise specification for the UPS device is given however, it’s unclear whether performance on this front would be suitable. I suspect that it would be adequate, but cannot make guarantees to this effect. I’d point out also that the output connections of the UPS in question are perhaps not the most convenient, and may require installation of an overcurrent protection mechanism if the whim of applicable authorities so dictate.

Incidentally, the linked document for the instrument contains a rather juicy inconsistency between pages 10 and 15:

I suspect that this derives from the potential use of combustible/hazardous carrier gasses in contemplation of the potential loss of ventilation; unfortunately the reasoning is not explained.

Finally, I would note that whatever UPS solution is chosen, routine battery maintenance is necessary to maintain performance; particularly when subject to elevated temperatures, the sealed lead acid batteries commonly employed for UPS applications can demonstrate a surprisingly short service life.

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They are local to me, but for anyone is not familiar with Waters Corporation.

Waters Corporation is the world’s leading specialty measurement company focused on improving human health and well-being through the application of high-value analytical technologies and industry leading scientific expertise.

IIRC they have instruments ranging from 4 to 7 figures in price.

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