Zcu111 problem diagnostic


Zcu 111 is not completing configuration upon boot up.
All supplies are ok

please let me find issue
this problem arose when power was interrupted during BIST operation

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Hi @rashidsabeeha , which zcu111 development kit are you using? There is a really good chance the OS got corrupted during your initial setup with power was lost. Your best option is to re-flash the factory image on to the board and redo initial configuration. If you share which kit you have, i can help point to the factory image.


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I think its EK-U1-ZCU111-G
I would be grateful for your help

I was worried if there is some hw error hope its not so

Hi @rashidsabeeha which BIST led is showing failing?


init_b is lit Red , done Led off and 4th LED from top is also off

Hi @rashidsabeeha, please try re-flashing the flash, please see this post by Vatsalt: https://support.xilinx.com/s/question/0D52E00006iHqvxSAC/zcu111-power-on-failed?language=en_US


Thanks for your help
Please guide me one more thing if I download any other program of my own and board runs fine with that
will it reflect that all went ok

The BIST, only tests the hardware based on the application stored in flash… If that got corrupted, then a reflash should make the BIST pass. As for your own application, as long as the hardware is fine (and BIST is showing a false failure), your application should also run fine.