BeagleBone Black and Level Shifters and CMOS?



I see that the PMIC is a TPS65217C on the BeagleBone Black. I also see that, in the SRM, there is some reference to CMOS for EEPROM.

I have a 5.0v logic motor driver and a 3.3v logic BBB that need to connect via level shifter.


P.S. What input signal am I am supposed to look into? CMOS or another for this connection? My motor driver for stepper motors uses CAC (Common Anode Connection) and CCC (Common Cathode Connection) for connecting. Now, is this relevant or should I look to another source for how I am supposed to connect these devices?


@silver2row have you given up on your Motor Capes or did that cape not work for you? What kind of motor are we dealing with, Stepper, BLDC, or a simple on/off DC?

In general, just use a Bidirectional translator for IO…




Sir, you again? Hey sir, no. I have not given up on the MotorCape, RelayCape, or LoadCape. I just wanted to try something new w/ stepper motors and drivers.

Thank you for the link.




I wanted to try out this TB6600 Stepper motor driver. It seemed reasonably priced and I wanted to test it w/ some past and “future” ideas. The MachineKit ideas for the BBB seem to be reasonable and I am going to learn more as soon as I get the image placed on the BBB for use.


P.S. The link has an advanced Bidirectional translator. I need to test only w/ something that is breadboard compatible, firstly. I think I will keep searching until I can make it to the point when I can add specific components (resistors, capacitors, and/or dc-dc converters) to make machines work later. I am still working on machine schematics instead of just handling electronics alone.


@silver2row, they make DIP versions…



Our most popular breadboard friendly logic level converter is the following PN:

Click here for BOB-12009 from SparkFun


Hello Sir,

I grabbed four of them. For some reason, they are inexpensive. Thank you for looking out. I also picked up the “correct” antenna for the PICO-PI-IMX7d board I have been so diligent in making work. Anyway, thank you again.



Hello Kirstof,

Seth here. I appreciate you jumping in and letting me know about those chips that are available. I picked up some from