Difference Between Supplier Package and Package Case

We often see a bit of confusion on integrated circuits or certain through-hole callouts for packages because there are two filters available. Usually, these filters have the following wording: “Supplier Device Package” and “Package/Case”, and technically they do have differences and significance. These two filters describe what kind of package or design a component has. The main question is why do components have different names in these filters?

Manufacturers do not have to match the “industry standard” callouts. There are several cases where package case designations overlap with industry-standard names partially and components often have completely unique designations in the “supplier device package” filter. There is a handful of standardizing companies such as JEDEC and IPC that helped make all the names used in the “Package/Case” filter industry standard. On the other hand, “Supplier Device Package” tends to contain alternate names, pseudo-standard names, and custom names used by manufacturers. This does not mean that these names are invalid, a manufacturer can call their design whatever they want. However, more often than not, manufacturers try to follow industry-standard names and enhance them by being more descriptive. They often use a combination of alphanumeric symbols and standard names to describe their packages better.

One thing to be aware of, though, with package callouts: even if two similar devices from different manufacturers claim to have the exact same designation, there may be slight differences in dimensions and tolerances. We always advise checking the datasheet for part drawings in order to verify if dimensions are close enough to your particular pad layout. For example, if you have a PCB footprint that fits a smaller range for a standard package and then switch to a larger package design, the larger design may not solder on to the footprint. The best way to make sure the size will stay the same is if the same manufacturer uses the same size callout. Choosing parts from the same manufacturer leads to consistency.

If you ever have questions about manufacturer package designations, please feel free to reach out to us on the Forum!

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