Fiber Optic Cable Cleaning

A fiber optic wire or cable is not your typical wire you can connect in a haphazardly manner. The data (and resolution) is dependent on light waves, not electrical conduction, therefore the smallest of particle can cause disarray, even a spec of dust or particle that is not noticeable.

  1. Make sure there is minimal to no air movement in the general area. you may want to remove all dust from the surrounding area first using isopropyl alcohol or other preferred cleaner on a (lint-free) rag being careful not to stir dust into the air or inside the connections. Compressed air isn’t recommended as it will stir dust into the air, and may cause unwanted moisture or small chemical content to be placed onto the fiber end.

  2. The cleaning process requires acetone or IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol—semiconductor grade, or better) and a cleanroom swab (or wipe). Dip the swab in cleaning solvent. Lightly wipe the fiber end face in one direction (single pass) with the solvent-moistened swab, rotate the swab to expose a new cleaning surface, and gently wipe again. (To prevent scratches on the fiber during cleaning, never reuse a swab or wipe more than a single pass in one direction. Overly aggressive cleaning with a clean swab or other medium can also result in fiber scratches.)

  3. Re-inspect the connector, repeat the process as necessary to achieve the required cleanliness

Various Cleaning Utensils
Click Here for Cleanroom Swabs 1873-1116-ND | CT200-ND
Click Here for Isopropyl Alcohol 473-1150-ND | 473-1355-ND
Click here for Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes 473-1400-ND | 473-1399-ND
Click Here for Microfiber Cloth 2220-MFC-OG-10G-ND


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