Problems in getting support on Infineon parts

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for a while to get support to analyze the failure cause on some Infineon parts purchased over Digikey. Initially I contacted Infineon and after an awfully long wait (>10 days) I was told to contact Digikey from where I had purchased the parts for all technical support & that they will not directly provide support to end customers!

I’ve contacted Digikey by email and tried following up for more than a week now. Unfortunately there has been absolutely no response whatsoever.

I want to check whom I should contact for technical support? Posting the details publicly on this forum is not an option for me.

Hello @Nav

I am sorry it has been difficult to get ahold of support for your issue. I know we are behind in responding to our email queue during the pandemic. I assure you that your email will be responded to as soon as we are able. If you are not able to wait for an email response and cannot post your question publicly on the TechForum, we are available by phone Monday through Friday from 6am-9pm CST.


Hi Robert,
Thanks. Will look forward to response over email.