Rj12 6P6C connectors

Hello, I have a NCE Powercab RJ12 cable that has 6P6C connectors. I need to replace the connectors & need help on choosing one that fits correctly.
Also,need a crimp tool
Appreciate any suggestions


“Modular connector” would be the search term of choice, Plugs for such being the typical termination found on cordsets, and likely the family of interest.

Since you know you need 6p6c, and probably want something that can ship from stock, select the appropriate options.

It’s unclear if the cabling in use is of the round or flat/oval cross section, with solid or stranded conductors, but that would be another item by which to narrow down the options.

Similarly, “modular crimper” would be a good search term for tooling.

Same typical stock options after that:

You’ll probably want something compatible with 6p6c connectors. The “search within” can help facilitate that

Since these are a connector type specifically designed to be broadly compatible with similar products from other manufacturers, there’s not really a 1:1 correspondence between connector and appropriate tooling. I’d sort by price and pick one that balanced the nice vs. cheap tradeoff at my personal level of preference, verifying that your desired plug configuration is supported. Getting one that also supports 8p8c (ethernet) and 4p4c (legacy phone) doesn’t cost much extra, and may be nice to have.