Common JST Connectors in RC applications


In hobby radio control applications many people often refer to connectors as JST connectors or RC connectors. JST is one of several manufacturers which make similar connectors and there are several common sizes used in RC electronics. This post will lay out the common connectors and how to identify which ones you need.

Here is a post that can help identify pitch if you are not sure:

JST-XH is 2.54mm pin spacing (same as 0.1inch). This is not a micro size connector, but very common. Most balance plugs on LiPos and is the “standard” header spacing in many electronic components including PCs. The standard Futaba/JR style servo plugs are also this spacing.
JST- ZH is 1.5mm pin spacing

JST-SH is 1.0mm pin spacing. Most linear servos have this connector.
And to add to the confusion, another common “JST” connector (the first one I learned about) has 2 pins, is usually red and is typically used to connect smallish batteries (but typically 2s or 3s) to an ESC and is good for several amps (depending on who you ask). This “JST” connector also goes by the name BEC connector (for Battery Eliminator Circuit connector). I believe that the pin spacing is 2.5mm. This comes from the JST RCY Series.
for illustrations of how to assemble pins and housing for this JST-RCY connector set

Molex PicoBlade is 1.25mm pin spacing. This is used in many applications including Futaba, FlyDream, Walkera and the new Hobby King Micro (DSM2) 2.4G systems. The HobbyKing 1.7 and 2.2g Servos also use this connector. The 2 pin version is also used with the PZ bricks as a battery connector.

Crimping Tools: Each one of these housings will have contacts that seem to have spendy crimping tools. I would suggest that any hobbiest that is working with RC connectors take a look at the PA-09 tool. I have put together some information on that here.